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One life, one passion: two wheels
It’s difficult to explain, for some people is their hobby, for others it’s an obsession, a vice, for many others it’s a way of life. Everyone as his own way to explain, to feel, for us it’s life and passion; on two wheels, and it’s called Motorcycle.

If you are one of us, you will understand.

Eric, Fernando, Rubén and Ignition, we are the four founders of Motobuykers. Friends from childhood first were the trial bikes. We enjoy so much those Sunday rides, those trial breakfasts.. that we couldn’t stop doing it yet. Then came the licence period where it allow us to go further and further, more miles, more turns, more landscapes, more cultures.
From 2010 we stick together for this adventure called Motobuykers, the online shop for bikers. What moves us it’s you, the motorcycle riders. All we want to offer is what you can need to enjoy your passion as we do. From Biker to biker it’s our way to understand the everyday in Motobuykers. We work everyday to improve our site, our customer service, trying to be as close as can be and with high quality and a great experience and knowledge on products.

More than 120.000 clients had trust on us.

Since the beginning of Motobuykers, every Friday we go downstairs where Motobuykers garage is, where it all start back in 2010 with no much resources but a lot of illusion. It’s the moment to torn off the computer and try to fix one of the old bikes that always need some improvements and spend a good time with our friends with some good music and few beers. The aim is to have the bike ready for the weekend to ride with the friends , for the dirt or the road, warm or cold.

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Welcome to WeRide: Bikers community

In Motobuykers we are not only an e-commerce we also had create the 1st social app for bikers of the world. It’s an app from bikers for bikers.

It’s a meeting point for the motorcyclists around the world and you can download for free for iOS and Android
Here you can find the best Motorcycle routes of the world, more than 70.000 routes created and designed by bikers like you and me.
In WeRide you can create your own moto group and share your experiences with other bikers, there are more than 30.000 groups around the globe.
We are more than 180.000 bikers in WeRide.
WeRide is the bike community of Motobuykers, Join us!


  • “It’s perfect for rides on your bike”

    Has chat like whatsapp but with a member locator on a map. Very useful when you ride on road or offroad and join all together back on the road

    - Rogenku -


  • “Good idea”

    As more will be, better will become

    - Ninchi88 -


  • “Finally an app like that”

    This is what we needed, good job!

    - GhostRider.13 -


  • “Vsssss”

    Great for group meets, propose routes and schedule

    - CrazyRiders -


  • “Good App for Bikers!”

    I meet many people for new rides every weekend, 100% for bikers.

    - UK_HD -


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